Course Objectives

The training programme aims to provide high quality, leading edge thinking with practical applications to enhance the capacity of practitioners to work more effectively with a broad range of community issues. It provides a base for participants to develop the skills necessary to successfully bring people with diverse views, opinions and backgrounds together around common issues. Participants practice how to deal collectively with their issues of concern and give purposeful direction to the future of their communities.

The training provides opportunity for participants to engage experiential learning to explore ideas and develop practice skills by:

  • offering community-based development-focused curriculum
  • providing a forum for learning and sharing
  • developing the knowledge and skills for empowerment
  • taking a holistic community-focused approach
  • establishing a resource network for those working on common issues in the community
  • providing opportunity for further study

Course Content

  • Defining community development
  • Community capacity building
  • Timing for community development
  • Building on diversity and finding common ground
  • Community development and change
  • Checking the readiness of your community
  • Role of community development catalyst
  • Community development process
  • Creating a unique and valued community development process
  • Developing a community development plan
  • Creating a firm foundation for community development
  • Establishing partnership
  • Funding community development
  • Communication
  • Technical support and expertise
  • Attitude, knowledge and skills
  • Common community problems and solutions