Course Objectives

  1. The training will equip participants with skills in resource mobilisation, business planning and proposal writing in order to promote their activities, services and benefits.
  2. The training seeks to build and enhance the capacity of participants to actively mobilize resources in order to meet the increasing challenges facing them and their institutions.
  3. The training will help the participants to gain an understanding of resource mobilization principles and practices.
  4. They will learn the time-tested principles that govern the resource mobilization process and fundamentals that lead to resource mobilization success.
  5. An additional aim is to help participants mobilize resources using the most cost-effective strategies.
  6. It will equip them with skills on how to put together a comprehensive approach that can increase their income.
  7. The training will also provide the participants with valuable time lines and explore the chronological steps needed to establish and strengthen your organization's resource mobilization.
  8. It will equip participants with sufficient advice concerning ways to bolster their organizations and to ensure that their organizations are worth of support.
  9. It will also equip them with skills on how to organize their efforts, nurture meaningful relationships, and
  10. maximize their resource mobilization effectiveness.
  11. More importantly, the training aims at involving stakeholders, partners and beneficiaries in planning and implementing resource mobilization activities by emphasizing their participation in actual resource mobilization.
  12. An additional aim is to improve partnerships, linkages, collaboration and networking between organizations and the business community, and to invite the business sector and the public to participate actively in supporting your organization's worthwhile goals.
  13. It will offer an active means for your organization to market its mission, purpose, goals and objectives to the wider community and donor partners.
  14. This training will also examine key principles of resource mobilization and some of the personal skills you require to know your strengths and weaknesses for the job.
  15. Participants will learn about various sources of funds and resources including getting support from individuals, grants from Trusts and Foundations, company giving, business sponsorship, international development partners and a range of other possible sources for you to consider.

Course Content

  • Principles of resource mobilization
  • Fundraising from the corporate sector
  • Fundraising from individuals
  • Fundraising from trusts and foundations
  • Fundraising from international development agencies
  • Fundraising through Direct mails
  • Fundraising on the internet
  • Mobilizing local resources
  • Seeking for sponsorships
  • Organising special events
  • Developing a fundraising strategic plan