Course Objectives

  1. Provide service providers with a greater understanding of the role of monitoring and evaluation in improving programme management and delivery.
  2. Strengthen the capacity of service providers to employ appropriate approaches in monitoring and evaluation

At the end of the training workshop, participants will be expected on return to their organisations to:

  • Apply the skills and information gained to monitor and evaluate a previously identified programme /project.
  • Submit a progress report to their donors and stakeholders.

Course Content

  • Basic concepts and definitions monitoring and evaluation
  • Three common evaluation purposes
  • International standards for sound and fair evaluation
  • Relationship and linkage between monitoring and evaluation
  • Rationale for stakeholder participation in monitoring and evaluation
  • Participatory monitoring and evaluation
  • Use participatory monitoring and evaluation approaches
  • Steps and lessons in a participatory evaluation process important elements of stakeholder participation in evaluation process
  • Monitoring and evaluation as a integral component of the project planning and implementation process
  • Indicators and targets
  • Different types of monitoring and evaluation
  • Overview of summative evaluation models
  • Baseline survey and data generation
  • Review of key outcome and impact evaluation
  • Monitoring & evaluation methods and tools
  • How to select monitoring and evaluation methods
  • Planning and implementation
  • The data collection process
  • Communicating and using evaluation results
  • Data analysis and report writing
  • Use of monitoring and evaluation results