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Regional Partnership for Resource Development

REPARED is a leading strategic capacity building, training, conferencing, research and consultancy service provider. REPARED is governed by a board of directors with a wealth of combination of expertise, knowledge and experience gained over years of practical work in leading international and regional organisations in Africa and beyond.

REPARED is committed to advancing the performance of business executives from government departments, civil society organisations, corporate sector and individual institutions through strengthening management, technical expertise and information systems towards enhancing organisational effectiveness. This is achieved through excellent seamless expert service delivery. Our team is highly experienced and professional. REPARED has a staff compliment of multi-national, multi-lingual teams and clients from many African countries.

REPARED specializes in business transformation – including strategy execution, business process re-engineering, IT modernization, and project management consulting and training for government, business and professionals.

Our Services

Leader in Strategic Capacity Building, Proposal Writing, Project Management, Community Development, and Research & Consultancy

We offer relevant training courses with per-determined set dates, venue and rates. These courses are informed by current developments and industry demands.

We propose and assist delegates as far as possible with travel and hotel accommodation arrangements at the training venue or close by.

We organize conferences on topical and emerging issues of global concern in order to facilitate debate and enhance policy development.


We offer relevant informed training courses with per-determined set dates, venue and rates.

Strategy Execution

Implement your business transformation strategy using REPARED techniques and methods.

Book Publication

We provide quality information to our readers by publishing stimulating educational reading materials.

Our Training


Applications are open for various training events and beneficiaries pay competitive market oriented tuition fee for the training. They also cover their travel, accommodation and dinner. For those sponsored clients, given that funding solicitation process could be lengthy, participants are advised to submit such applications early enough to their organizations / Ministries or appropriate sponsors in order to avoid last minute confirmation.

Training Venues

Most of REPARED courses are based in Nairobi, Kenya. Training events are also organized in other regions and countries in Africa including South Africa, Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia, South Sudan, Eritrea, Burundi, Nigeria, Ghana, Botswana, Madagascar, Mozambique, Rwanda, Zambia, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Dubai, Mauritius, London etc. In-house and on-premise tailor-made training are also provided all over Africa for requesting clients.

Training Methodology

Our training is action oriented and participatory in nature. We use a variety of methods based on andrological training (adult learning) methodologies while recognizing prior acquired knowledge. This includes case studies, group work, role-plays and peer support, complimented by presentations on relevant theoretical frameworks and emergent thinking and trends.

Eligible Participants

Beneficiaries of the training are drawn from various sectors including government departments or ministries, parastatals, human rights agencies, international, national and local NGOs, donor agencies, support organizations, civil society, umbrella bodies, research institutions, corporate world, religious organisations, business and professional individuals.

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