Resource Mobilization, Project Planning and Proposal Writing

Develop capacity to implement sustainable and effective project interventions


1 week


30 hours





$400 (USD)


Charges comprise the following:

Local Expenses Fee:

    • Non-Resident Accommodation: $75 – $175 (USD) *
    • Single Occupancy Accommodation: $175 – $250 (USD) *
    • Double Occupancy Accommodation: $165 – $235 (USD) *

* – varies depending on the venue and region

Covering: Full board and lodging, including refreshments, transport from and to the airport, social coordinators on site, computer and Internet facilities, medical insurance, registration fee, study tours and material.

The above does not cover airfare or tuition.

Tuition Fee:

    • $400 (USD)

We only process applications from candidates with the funding to cover the local expenses fee and air fare. We invite you to subscribe to our mailing list for updates on future opportunities, if you are currently unable to source this funding.


This module aims at enabling organisations in the region in mobilizing resources and building their capacity to fundraise more effectively for priority projects and facilitate the implementation of their activities. There is availability of untapped resources within the region which can be identified and mobilized for various activities. But a major cause for lack of resources for many institutions has been identified as inadequate capacity for analyzing, planning and enforcing resource mobilization activities. Scarcity of information on resource mobilization has also been identified as an impediment. Mastery of project planning and proposal writing skills dictates that organisations and individuals should learn and practice the art of resource mobilization. At the same time they must enhance their practical road-map for resource localisation success in a highly competitive philanthropic and financial environment.


None. This REPARED module provides a comprehensive and cohesive approach to resource mobilization, project planning and proposal writing regardless of background and level of experience.

Who Should Attend?

    • Staff from international and local NGOs
    • Staff whose roles involve developing proposals for fundraising
    • Donor organisations
    • Support organisations
    • Civil society umbrella bodies
    • Researchers and consultants
    • Government institutions
    • Small businesses
    • CBOs
    • Managers
    • Program/ Project coordinators
    • Report Writers
    • Religious organisations
    • Anyone faced with challenges of raising resources for their organisation

What you'll learn?

The training will equip participants with skills in resource mobilization, business planning and proposal writing in order to promote their activities, services and benefits. The training seeks to build and enhance the capacity of participants to actively mobilize resources in order to meet the increasing challenges facing them and their institutions. It will help participants to gain an understanding of resource mobilization principles and practices. Participants will learn the time-tested principles that govern the resource mobilisation process and fundamentals that lead to resource mobilization success.

By the end of this course the participants will be able to:

    • Understand different ways of resource mobilization
    • Understand the principles of project development and proposal writing
    • Organize the different components of a proposal in a logical flow
    • Write an effective proposal according to donor’s requirements and guidelines
    • Use of M&E frameworks in project design when developing a proposal
    • Write good quality reports tailored to a target audience

What's Included?

In addition to the world-class training, participants also receive:

    • A comprehensive course workbook – which is yours to keep
    • Supplemental materials incl. exercise files
    • A personalized Certificate of Completion
    • CEU (Continuing Education Unit) credits
    • Post course telephone support

Course Outline

Introduction to Resource Mobilization

    • Resource mobilization principles and practices
    • Donor assessment and mapping
    • Identifying funding opportunities
    • Resource Mobilization Strategy

Overview of Proposal Writing

    • Proposal writing in grants mobilization
    • Understanding donors’ requirements
    • Proposal formats
    • Project Development and Proposal Writing

Project Development and Planning in Proposal Writing

Project Rationale

    • Project Background
    • Needs Assessment including target population
    • Project Justification

Project Overview

    • Project Goal and Objectives
    • Project Beneficiaries
    • Critical Assumptions
    • Project Strategy

Project Design

    • Project theory of change
    • Design of project results using causal pathway
    • Project logic model
    • Project Activities;outputs and activities matrix
    • Logical framework
    • Performance measurement framework

Project Monitoring and Evaluation

    • Monitoring plan
    • Evaluation plan

Risk Management

    • Risk Matrix
    • Risk Response plan

Project Management

    • Project organogram
    • Project Coordination
    • Partners responsibilities

Cross Cutting Issues in Proposal Writing

    • Gender Equity
    • Governance
    • Environmental Sustainability

Budget Development

    • Detailed budget
    • Cost Sharing
    • Summary budget

Organization Capacity

    • Organization profile
    • Organization Capacity
    • Relevant experience

Submitting the Proposal

    • Funding agency forms
    • Packaging, politicking and refunding
    • Submission, traditional and online
    • Tips for final checks

Proposal Review

    • Proposal review criteria
    • Proposal review process
    • Grant agreement

Proposal and Report writing Best practices

    • Common mistakes during proposal and report writing
    • Tips for successful proposal and report writing
    • Case studies of successful proposals and effective reports
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