A powerful instrument for developing strategies, taking actions and measuring success.

This Handbook provides a framework for taking an organisation through an action planning process. It takes the user through a basic action planning format, step-by-step, covering all the key elements. By following the format, any project or organisation should be able to prepare a comprehensive action plan, in the context of a strategic planning framework.

Action planning is the planning that guides your day-to-day work. Without a strategic framework you do not know where you are going or why you are going there. And then, it does not really matter how you get there. But without an action plan, it is likely that the strategic plan will remain a grand dream and you will not get there anyway.

This Handbook aims to help you do detailed, useful action planning, and takes the user through a process that could be replicated in an organisation or project. It should enable the user to make a clear distinction between strategic planning and action planning. It also provides some ideas about techniques to use in planning.

It aims at providing a fairly inexperienced planning team in any organisation with a clear picture of what planning should involve, and of how planning links to monitoring and evaluation. Planning is a complex process that can take many forms. There are different kinds of planning and different ways of planning.

There are many planning Handbooks and guides. Knowing what kind of planning is needed for what situation is a skill in itself. This Handbook is intended to help you sort out what kinds of planning you need when, and the tools that are appropriate to your needs.