How to write and market a business plan.

This book helps you understand how to write, market and present a business plan. As with everything else in the business sector, it is not only what your business plan says that is important, how you write it, market it and present it, is significant too. 

Investors know that every business faces tough competition and a host of problems and hurdles, and so, they want to see how you are going to address each of these. Even if you don't need financing, even if your business is already running and even if your business is small, you need a business plan to effectively and efficiently run your business to its full potential.

The business plan may be the first, and only, introduction to you and your business idea that the potential investor will see. While the investor's decision undoubtedly will be based on the merits of the plan, the appearance of the plan and its contents will be considered too.

An attractive and professionally presented business plan shows you pay attention to detail and care about the idea you are presenting. A badly-presented, incomplete, or carelessly prepared business plan sends the opposite message, with disastrous results. The purpose of this book is to introduce some fundamentals of business plan writing in order for you to create a solid business plan that makes a positive impression.