There can only be few churches which do not need this intensely practical book that offers clear, step-by-step guidance on all aspects of fundraising.

The Church Fundraising Handbook will enable churches to raise their resources, whether it be maximising the regular giving of the congregation, planning for special appeals, running a legacy campaign, applying for local and international funding and building fruitful relationships with local businesses, trusts and foundations in the private sector.

The handbook is illustrated with real-life examples and case studies. Churches work in many varied fields, countries and circumstances, but they share several fundamental values and practices: they work to make the difference, help people and save what is valuable, in fact to make the world a better place. It is for these reasons that churches strive to identify and employ best practices. It is the purpose of this Handbook to foster the growth of a worldwide fundraising Christian community dedicated to accountability, transparency and effectiveness. In this handbook we want to set forth what unites us in the way we practise our profession.

Recognising that in many countries there already exist codes of conduct and standards of practice, the intent of this Handbook is to unify the global Christian fundraising community behind a single universal declaration of fundamental principles.