Your complete guide to successful fundraising practice.

This book provides a discerned view of the practice and techniques of fundraising. It is intended to help build the capacity of local non-profit and other voluntary organisations in fundraising and resource mobilisation.

The book is a product of six years of research in local and regional fundraising practices and a digest of the various presentations to the Eastern Africa Fundraising Workshops. It aims at showing how fundraising works and the skills required as well as fundraising techniques that are available, illustrated with examples and case studies.

The book provides a whole range of fundraising sample letters, which every fundraiser will need from time to time. It will provide ready reference for readers working with non-profit organisations on a day-to-day basis. 

The aim is to show how fundraising works, explaining the process of raising money and the skills needed to do this successfully. 

The book also covers a wide range of fundraising techniques which are now available to those seeking to raise money for charity, showing how each works and giving some basic practical information on how the techniques can be used in practice, illustrated with examples and case studies mainly from the African region.