This handbook brings the best use of the Internet into the fundraising programmes of every nonprofit organisation and show how to use it to increase efficiency, effectiveness and profitability.

"In this first edition of the popular Fundraising on the Internet, John Chikati has written the first-ever hands-on guide for navigating the ever-changing world of fundraising on the Internet. This no-nonsense book gets beyond the hype and hyperbole, and takes into account the new realities of the post crash marketplace to offer solid advice on how to use technology to raise funds".

Br. Mourice Rarison Alex, Franciscan Missionary and Director AGV Madagascah

"Wow! Incredibly comprehensive and detailed with both basic and advanced information - a real guide for 'fundraising on the Internet.'"

Fr. Felix Kauta

"This is the greatest collection of fundraising electronics expertise that has ever been brought together. Fundraising on the Internet is full to the brim with ideas, verities, charts, and examples. Whether you're in direct mail, major gifts, planned giving, or the head of your shop, this book is essential if you want to keep ahead of the parade."

Thomas Jafferson, Chairman, International Fundraising Association