Establishing partnership for community development.

The objectives of this book are to help people learn more about what partnerships are and to offer suggestions about how to be effective in them. This handbook has been designed to support the most current understanding and development of partnerships. It recognises that partnerships are an important vehicle for building community capacity and undertaking community development activities. 

The content of this handbook comes from the knowledge and experience of numerous individuals who have been directly involved in partnerships, organisational transition and community development. As a handbook, it is designed primarily for those who have an interest in partnerships but who may not have an in-depth understanding of the concept, the process or the resources available across Africa. 

It provides a focus for partnership discussions and a structure within which partnerships can operate. For those already possessing knowledge about the topic and/or experience in the field, this handbook provides a resource for further exploring partnerships and reviewing the basics of the partnership process.

This handbook is designed to spark, rekindle and reaffirm your interest in partnerships. To do this, information and tools are offered to assist in building common understanding and appropriate approaches. This handbook is designed to provide information, tips and questions about the basics of partnerships, which can be applied to your own circumstances.