Strategic options for resource mobilisation for your organisation, including donor funding, earned income, membership fees, fundraising from the public and investments.

This Handbook has a discussion about why there is a need for a resource mobilisation strategy. It provides information about what is required for a successful resource mobilisation strategy. This contains ideas about what you need to put in place in your organisation in order to be able to plan a successful resource mobilisation strategy. You will need to think about the basics of planning, budgeting, financial systems, your public image and values clarification. 

This Handbook provides a description of a number of strategic options for resource mobilisation your organisation, including donor funding, earned income, member fees, fundraising from the general public, investments and careful spending. It also gives some ideas for preparing a strategy document as well as making the strategy work. We hope this Handbook helps you to make your organisation more financially sustainable and to ensure that it has some financial autonomy. 

This Handbook will help you to develop a process for ensuring the financial sustainability of your organisation. We believe that thinking through a resource mobilisation strategy for your organisation in a systematic way, and writing that strategy up as a basic reference document for the organisation, will help you towards gaining financial sustainability. If you use this Handbook in conjunction with other REPARED Handbooks, you will increase the capacity of your organisation to plan for sustainability, and to generate the funds needed.

This Handbook is aimed specifically at people who have not thought through a financial strategy before. Perhaps you have not been involved in running an organisation before. Or perhaps your organisation has managed without a strategy but now you realise that, to survive, you need a strategy. Where once it was enough to have a few loyal donors, now the funding field has become more complex. Donors increasingly expect organisations to look at alternative ways of generating finance. If you are in a situation like this, then this Handbook will be useful for you.