This book reviews the nature of program Monitoring and Evaluation.

It presents basic concepts, principles, tools and methods of Monitoring and Evaluation. It also reviews the process of planning and implementing effective Monitoring and Evaluation for nonprofit programs, and suggests ways for using M&E results. Many of the principles presented in this book are also applicable for government and “non-profit” organisations.

Monitoring and Evaluation have a special purpose in development projects. There are many reasons for carrying out project M&E.

  • Project managers and other stakeholders (including donors) need to know the extent to which their projects are meeting their objectives and leading to their desired effects.
  • M&E builds greater transparency and accountability in terms of use of project resources.
  • Information generated through M&E provides project staff with a clearer basis for decision-making.
  • Future project planning and development is improved when guided by lessons learned from project experience.