A quick multidisciplinary and participatory way to conduct community research.

This handbook provides a simple, easy to follow step-by-step procedure to plan, conduct and analyse PRAP with communities in order to design effective community programmes. It specifies the appropriate attitudes and behaviours required for the successful implementation of PRAP in the field. This handbook is illustrated with experiences garnered from various grassroots development efforts.

This handbook has been prepared primarily as a training and field guide for development workers and extension staff, field workers and communication practitioners. However, the publication could also serve as a valuable text on participatory rural research and planning for universities, middle-level training institutions and professionals in rural development, communication and extension.

This handbook is also intended to be a useful guide for field practitioners, and their managers who need to know what is involved in designing and implementing effective communication programmes to facilitate rural development. Field development workers and extension staff who read this handbook are strongly encouraged to practice what they learn from it with communities in the research, planning and implementation of Community programmes.

This is to ensure the success of development projects and ultimately the empowerment of the people. This handbook is only a guide and staff who use it should see it as an inspiration to switch on their own creativity in order to develop and experiment with new and appropriate approaches for more fruitful participatory interactions with the various communities with whom they work.