Building the Capacity of NGOs and Government Institutions in Africa.

REPARED (formally, the Institute of Fundraising and Resource Development) is an independent African development and training institution established in 1993, registered by law as a non-profit organisation.

The head office is located in Karen, Nairobi. 

REPARED's work is informed by the necessity of creating independent, self-reliant initiatives that lead to the development of human resources for sustainable development, which incorporate values of self-sufficiency and self-empowerment.


REPAREDs mission is to work towards sustainable human development in Africa through:

  • Building the capacities of Governments, NGOs and Civil Society organisations.
  • Improving the food security situation of the poorest and most marginalised sectors of the society.
  • Enhancing community development and decreasing poverty in rural and most disadvantaged areas.
  • Protecting the environment.
  • Advocating for and educating the community on its rights at the local, national and international level


REPAREDs vision seeks to be a pioneer developmental and training organisation through the quality of its programs, professionalism and transparency; as well as its quick response to the urgent developmental needs of organisations and communities.

Through the true one team spirit and persistent work of its staff to build and develop organisations and human resources, REPARED also seeks forward to lead the development of communities throughout the continent.

With REPARED's diverse and accumulative experience and its commitment to African Countries development priorities, it looks forward to participating in building an active democratic civil society based on plurality, rule of law and social justice in order to accomplish sustainable human development in a society that is free of all types of violence, and abuse.


Since its inception in 1993, Regional Partnership for Resource Development has had extensive experience and success in designing, developing and delivering training and developmental programs and has trained more than 38,150 people for more than 40,000 hours of training.

As a vocational and developmental institution, Capacity Building, Institutional Building and Organisational Development programmes along with training have been core components of REPARED activities since its establishment.

Our training methods serve to foster new knowledge and skills while at the same time building new levels of self-awareness and confidence.


REPARED believes that training must be practical and based on people's own experiences in order to achieve the aims of self-reliance and empowerment. To this end, REPARED's training courses are based on participatory methods, using group discussions, role-playing, individual case studies and the latest audio-visual participatory technology such as CD-ROMs and video-recordings of class sessions.

Furthermore, we strongly believe that training does not end once the course is completed. REPARED is committed to follow up and further training being applied to ensure that the knowledge, skills and attitudes have indeed been influenced and developed. At REPARED, evaluation on the impact of each training component is important for redesigning the approaches, contents and the various techniques used.

Training Philosophy

REPARED's training philosophy joins theoretical and practical modern training methods through different training methods based on the dialogue, participation, exchange of experience and learning from others.

The objectives of REPARED training are:

  • to equip participants with various skills in order to promote their activities, services and benefits,
  • to build and enhance the capacity of participants to actively mobilize and manage resources in order to meet the increasing challenges facing them and their institutions,
  • to help participants to gain an understanding of their responsibilities and what is expected of them,
  • to equip them with skills on how to put together a comprehensive approach that can increase their capacity,
  • to equip participants with sufficient advice concerning ways to bolster their organizations and to ensure that their organizations are worth of support,
  • to equip participants with skills on how to organize their efforts, nurture meaningful relationships, and maximize their effectiveness,
  • to involve stakeholders, partners and beneficiaries in planning and implementing organisational activities,
  • to improve partnerships, linkages, collaboration and networking between organizations and the business community, and to invite the business sector and the public to participate actively in supporting your organization's worthwhile goals,
  • to help build respect, confidence and trust in your organization by the wider community through this interaction process,
  • to offer an active means for your organization to market its mission, purpose, goals and objectives to the wider community and donor partners,
  • to examine key principles of development and some of the personal skills you require to know your strengths and weaknesses for the job.


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