Development Consultancy Services

High-performing business professionals ready to assist organizations in building their capacity of Resource Development, Organisational and Institutional Strengthening

Today’s rapidly changing business environment favors high-performing agile organizations capable of delivering extraordinary customer and business value.

Regional Partnership for Resource Development is uniquely qualified to assist your organization with this challenge.

Our Consulting Services and Capabilities

Training & Research

We provide research, training and consultancy services to our clients to increase the impact, effectiveness and efficiency of their social interventions by providing a range of innovative solutions for sustainable results.

Strategy Execution

We help companies develop the structure and discipline to effectively identify, execute and integrate strategies, giving them a unique appreciation of the opportunities and challenges associated with realizing them.

Book Publication

We are a leader in research, documentation and publication. REPARED books are jam-packed with critical information on development and resource mobilization that simply is not available anywhere else.

Great talent is essential to successful outcomes.

However, great talent alone – without access to best practice tools, techniques, and methods – is significantly less efficient and often results in substantial variation in the quality of outcomes and associated deliverables.

Conversely, great talent coupled with best practice tools, techniques and methods results in efficient utilization of talent and ensures rapid consistent delivery of high quality outcomes and associated deliverables – within projects and across the enterprise.

  • Innovation
  • Technology
  • Research
  • Creativity
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